We offer personal care for your pets, which is in great part due to our small staff. This kind of consistent personal care is virtually impossible with a large agency service where turn over is high and a long-term relationship is impossible.

West Village Dog walkers can boast over a decade of this kind of relationship with our clients. We have had the privilege of sharing the lifespan of countless dogs and cats. We have assisted in house training puppies and caring for them through their senior years.

This is a service we take very seriously. We are the owners of beloved pets as well and provide no less than the standard we expect for our own dogs and cats care.

"I feel very fortunate to have found Doug to
take care of my dog, Hunter."

"Amy has been a true Godsend!"

Photograph by Elliott Erwitt, New York, 1974
A portion of all proceeds go to various animal, humanitarian, and environmental charities.

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