Ask Amy: Dog with an enlarged heart

December 5, 2011

Q: I just adopted a senior dog who has an enlarged heart. Is there anything I can do to keep my dog’s heart from getting worse?

A: Good for you for adopting a senior pet. They are the best! There are a couple things you can do to try to keep your dog’s heart as healthy as possible. Firstly, diet can be a great way to care for your dog’s overall health. Lean high quality meat is optimal, such as Bison or rabbit. If you don’t have access to those meats, get the leanest high quality beef you have access too. I have heard that some dogs can have allergies to chicken because of overuse in commercial food, so if you do use chicken alternate with lean beef, no pork. Next you want to use dark green leafy veggies or broccoli. Parsley is good to add as a detox. Lastly, sweet potato and winter squashes are a good carbohydrate. Chop up veggies, use 1/2 veggie and potato and 1/2 meat. Cook combined food until meat is medium. Boil or bake potato before adding to mixture, you only need to cook combined ingredients until greens brighten and wilt and meat is lightly cooked about 5 minutes. White potato turns to sugar too fast. Secondly, you want to add some supplements to support the heart. I use “Heart Discovery” by US Animal, salmon oil and a pre- and pro-biotic are also helpful. Lastly, use filtered as opposed to tap water. Good luck!!!

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