Ask Amy: What’s the customary amount to tip a dog walker?

February 16, 2012

Q: What’s the customary amount to tip a dog walker?

A: Well, when it comes time for holiday tips, it is customary to tip anyone you employ (nanny, cleaning lady, dogwalker, etc.) one weeks pay. Their pay, of course, not yours. Unless you’re feeling very generous. Tipping of course is not obligatory, and it’s a way of showing someone you appreciate their GOOD service. If you are pleased with the job they’ve been doing and you want a high level of service to continue, a generous tip will ensure that your dog walker will go above and beyond for you whenever he can. Do you have to save your tip for the holidays? Of course not! Any time your dogwalker goes the extra mile, whether it be cleaning up a mess in your apartment, showing up on short notice, or taking your dog to the groomer, a little extra cash will ensure loyalty, respect, and superior service for the duration of your working relationship.

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