Ask Amy: My dog seems to have chronic urinary tract infections

April 21, 2012

Q: My dog seems to have chronic urinary tract infections. Could it be that I’m not walking him enough?

A: Usually dogs get urinary tract infections as a result of not being walked enough. Not sure what your schedule is like, but if your dog is trying to hold his bladder all day, eagerly awaiting his next walk, a UTI is bound to result. As a dogwalker, it has become apparent to me that all dogs differ in terms of the frequency of their walks. Some need to be walked every 4 hours, while others have no trouble holding it for 8-10. If your dog is suffering from chronic UTI’s, he is probably in need of more walks than you are able to give him. Hiring a dog walker to come even once a day will allow your dog to sit more comfortably until you get home.

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