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Amy Telsey is a native New Yorker and lifelong animal lover. She has been dogwalking for over a decade and feels very lucky to have such an enjoyable profession. She is also pursuing a career as a clinical social worker and is currently studying psychoanalysis at National Institute for Psychotherapies. In her spare time, Amy is also involved in animal rescue work and advocacy.

Doug Smith grew up in Connecticut and has been dogwalking since moving to New York nearly 7 years ago. He grew up in a home with many rescued pets and finds it very gratifying to care for animals of all kinds. Doug spends his evenings pursuing his stand-up comedy career and can be seen numerous times a week playing shows all over the city.

Amy and Doug both have experience dealing with dogs of all temperaments and backgrounds. They have dealt with aggressive, neurotic, skittish, infirm, and even disabled dogs and have the skills and compassion to make sure your dog has the most positive experience possible. While they always have substitute walkers available in case of emergency, West Village Dogwalkers is a two person operation, not a corporation. They will not send a different unfamiliar face to your door on any given day, as is the common practice of most dogwalking agencies. Your dog will receive all the attention it deserves and will only be walked with dogs with compatible dispositions. Though dogwalking is the bulk of their business, Amy and Doug offer services for pets of all kinds, including cats, fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, and birds.

A portion of all proceeds go to various animal, humanitarian, and environmental charities.

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