Benefits of in home house sitting/pet sitting vs. boarding:

  • As an owner of numerous pets I can attest to in home pet/house sitting is far superior to boarding.
  • Dogs always prefer to be in their own home and are creatures of habit just like we are. They like their favorite spots to sleep, their toys and their food.
  • Fights are more likely to break out in a boarding setting. Dogs like children can be possessive of food and toys.
  • Dogs can become stressed in new environments and can stop eating; the chances of this can be greatly reduced by having a sitter stay with them in their own home.
  • Your home is a much more controlled environment. When there a multiple strange dogs around with different degrees of owner responsibility, the chances of your dog catching an illness such as kennel cough and Guardia(check spelling) increase. There are unfortunately many irresponsible owners who do not make sure their dogs are well before dropping them off at a boarding facility with other dogs.
  • It’s wonderful to have someone you trust and feel good about in your home with your beloved pets that you can personally check in with. It’s very nice to have someone get your mail and water your plants too.

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