rates & services

Our services are offered in Greenwich Village and the West Village. Lower parts of Chelsea can be considered.

We offer the most competitive rates for the most premiere service!

15 min / pee break $15
30 min walk $20
1 hour walk $35
The big enchilada (3 hours) $50
Overnight house and pet sitting $85*
*$85 per night for one dog. Additional $35 for each additional dog.
PLEASE NOTE: Walks before 11 am, after 5 pm, and on weekends are an additional $5.

description of services

All walks include a change of water and feeding if requested. A typical walk includes exercise, socializing, and affection. The longer the walk more more you get of each. We walk dogs in small packs of six dogs and less. We try to match your dog up with other dogs with a compatible dispositions which they will enjoy. We reinforce basic training on our walks as well.

Our house sitting services include staying in your home with your dog. This is truly a superior way to make sure your dog has all their creature comforts while you are away. We will give your dog all of our attention while you cannot be there. The sit include three to four walks, feedings, play, love, and affection. If your dog likes to sleep with you, no problem, we are happy to accommodate all their habits that keep them happy.

Cat sitting is typically a half hour visit daily, you can request multiple visits in a day. This can include administration of medication if needed. A basic visit includes: play, feeding, water change, and litter cleaning. If you would like us to stay over and would like us to housesit, we are happy to.

Benefits of dog walking vs. doggie daycare

separation anxiety, puppy housebreaking, senior incontinence

Benefits of in-home housesitting and petsitting vs. boarding

the highest quality care for your pet while you travel, the most personal and least stressful

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