Doug has been walking our French Bulldog, Dingo, for about a year and we couldn’t be happier. I have 2 kids at home so I am very weary about giving my keys out to just anyone and I am totally comfortable with Doug. He has a calming nature and always has a big smile on his face. He has also been extremely flexible with my varying work schedule. I’ve had the opportunity to run into Doug on the street and have always been extremely impressed with the way he is with all the dogs. Sometimes Dingo is not the easiest dog to walk and Doug has always been patient and kind to her. Dingo adores Doug and has always gets excited to see him. I would 100% recommend Doug.” —Gaffney B.

Amy has been the only dog walker for our Westie, Juno, for over 10 years. During those many years, she consistently proved herself to be consistent, reliable and sensitive to Juno’s many personality quirks – stubbornness being chief and foremost! Whenever Amy has made travel plans she has provided us with at least a month’s notice and offered the services of a substitute walker in her absence. Additionally, she has always left notes for us if she noticed anything out of sorts with Juno’s health (e.g. diarrhea, stiff joints). Overall, the thought that Amy is walking Juno each afternoon has given us tremendous peace of mind as Juno is our ‘only child’.
—Jose, Peter & Juno

Doug walked my 12 year old lab Mukhtar for 2 1/2 years. He is extremely reliable, professional and trustworthy. Doug helped me out a number of times when I was stuck at work or needed Mukhtar picked up at different times. I remember walking Mukhtar one night, suddenly he ran to the other side of the sidewalk and his leash came free from my hand. He saw Doug across the way and was so excited that he bolted from my side. Mukhtar was so attached!!! I wish I still lived in the neighborhood and could work with Doug again! —Noelle R.

Amy Telsey has been walking my 12 year old male corgi, Archie, for the past 3 years. She is reliable, takes excellent care of him, and not only feeds and walks him, but also is concerned about his grooming. She regularly brushes him which makes him look terrific and happy. No matter what the weather, Amy has never missed a walk, and is easy to reach when needed. If she knows she will be out of own on occasion, Amy has a back up walker just as reliable and caring as she is. I always know my dog will get his needed exercise. There was a period when Archie was suffering from minor arthritis, and Amy constantly kept me informed of his progress, and her attention to his well-being is exemplary. Amy is trustworthy, and I feel confident that she is taking as good care of Archie as if he were her own. I know I am fortunate to have such a caring young lady taking care of my best friend. —Gary F.

I feel very fortunate to have found Doug to take care of my dog, Hunter. He has been absolutely dependable and has gone above and beyond in caring for Hunter. I am so happy to have found him – someone who I trust will care for my dog as affectionately as I would. I have peace of mind knowing my dog is in such great hands with Doug. He is professional, flexible, and reliable.” —Adrienne S.

Amy has been a true Godsend! She has been absolutely reliable and has gone above and beyond in caring for my 2 boys, Max and Luka. Luka, in particular, has special needs since he’s paralyzed, requires a wheelchair and needs his bladder expressed multiple times daily. I was very concerned about going back to work following Luka’s paralysis, but Amy has taken care of him as though he were her own. I work long hours and knowing that my dogs are in such great hands is priceless to me. Amy is professional, flexible and always willing to take care of my boys, anytime I need her. And, most important of all, my dogs have truly come to love Amy!

Doug has been walking our French Bulldogs for the past 4 years. He has also housesat for us giving our diabetic dog, Gus, his insulin shots and checking his blood sugar. Doug has gone beyond the call of duty for us many times and we highly recommend him.”
—Mike and Rissa H.

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